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Apr 3, 2013

Why Stalin HAD to celebrate Lenin: contrast with Castro / Che Guevara

Last Prophet's words from Apr 2013, one year before "missing Boeing 777" was released: 
Why Stalin HAD to celebrate Lenin 

Che Guevara and Castro
We know that Che Guevara was not aware of who his "revolutionary comrade" Fidel Castro was until the very end: his assassins came with a "recommendation letter" signed by Castro himself.
Let's imagine what never happened because of the illuminati matrix: Che Guevara finally realizing that Castro was a "yankee" (read: illuminati) agent.
What would have been the consequences to Che Guevara? The answer depends on at which moment that would have happened, before or after he left Cuba:
- before: immediately murdered, or in other words the audience would not even be able to get it.
- after: accused of treason, murdered as soon as possible; Che would never become an illuminati icon.

Illuminati murders: contrast Stalin and Che Guevara
In both cases the illuminati used "revolution comrades" to carry out the murder, but in reverse positions: Stalin as successor of the leader of the revolution and Che by the leader of the revolution.
Where there's no difference whatsoever: the leader of the revolution was in both cases an illuminati agent.

Stalin's murder: how the date was set
After World War II, the illuminati launched a massive infiltration campaign to regain control of the Soviet Union, based on agents who had never been exposed, some who Stalin had seen as "comrades" ever since Lenin proclaimed the Soviet Union.
The campaign was as successful as to have the illuminati able to murder Stalin already in 1951 (able means: not only to carry out the assassination but foremost in the position of expecting to secure the succession).
Yet illuminati Grand Master Adolf Hitler waited for the date celebrating "3333 weeks after I was born" to finally get rid of Stalin, because numerology is an essential part of Illuminati's satanic celebrations.

Stalin's celebration of german illuminazi agent "Lenin": genuine or only a tactic?
The answer is apparently contradictory:
1. Stalin annihilated the agents who, together with Lenin, made it possible for the illuminati to get control of Russia in 1917. 
In the wikipedia words: "With the exception of Vladimir Milyutin (who died in prison in 1937) and Joseph Stalin himself, all of the members of Lenin's original cabinet who had not succumbed to death from natural causes before the purge were executed."
2. Stalin didn't return to Russia its most fertile land, Novorussia, that Lenin still managed to transfer to the "Republic of Ukraine", the most important success ever in the illuminati agenda "Break-up of Russia". 
This apparent contradiction is explained by Stalin's exceptionalism in illuminati revolutions.

Illuminati revolutions: Stalin's exceptionalism
Only in ONE case did the illuminati lose control of one of their revolutions to a participant who had a leading position: the October Revolution 1917 and Stalin.
How was this possible? Two main reasons:
1. A mistake that the illuminati would never repeat again, except in Cuba 1959: to let an outsider play an important role.
2. The reason for that mistake: Stalin was a georgian and that seemed enough of a good reason to let him play an important role.

Illuminati celebrating Che Guevara and JFK: same reason
Che Guevara never got who Castro was. On the other hand Stalin did get that Lenin was NOT a "comrade" although he never got the illuminati matrix.
Castro (alias the illuminati) HAD to celebrate the very same Che Guevara in whose assassination he played a key role.
The reason was the same as why the illuminati named New York's aiport or an aircraft carrier after the same president who they killed: to preserve the perfection of the illuminati matrix.
Contrast it with ...

Why Stalin HAD to celebrate Lenin 
Stalin realized that he should rather celebrate than demolish Lenin for the very same reason why 
- Stalin could paradoxically be demolished by his successor, illuminati agent Khruschev
- had Che Guevara understood who Castro was he would still not be able to challenge him.

The reason: the illuminati matrix.
Same as the wind: Stalin never saw it, but felt it strong enough to realize that he could not demolish Lenin.
The illuminati matrix has the opposite effect in these two cases:
1. Serving as frame to Khruschev's sermon demolishing Stalin 
2. Turning Che Guevara and Stalin into preachers in the desert, repudiated by an audience caught inside the matrix, had they tried to demolish Castro and Lenin, what was a possiblitiy only in the case of Stalin, as explained in the article.

See link to weeks calculator at:
Adolf Hitler's birthday: Stalin's murder 3333 v Trump's inauguration 6666 weeks

The ultimate example for the influence of only ONE man in the History of End Times.
Paradoxically that man is Stalin not any of the Illuminati Grand Masters, and that for not only one but two related reasons: two other of Stalin's Four End Times Paradoxes 

Che Guevara murdered: Castro's role: FULL STORY
revealed first by Last Prophet Matt, 2007

2009 article, last updated Nov 2016
Illuminati matrix: unchallenged from the start, 1789
It was established 600 years after the illuminati stepped on stage as "crusaders". 
Not even those who played a KEY role opposing and even defeating the illuminati in major battles were able to recognize AND expose KEY pieces of the matrix, let alone its totality.
The list of those who could have shaken the illuminati matrix includes: ...

"Putin vs NATO": theater started after Putin murdered and replaced with an impostor.
You were brainwashed into believing the "cold war" US vs Soviet Union", a FAKE war staged for more than 3 decades after Stalin's death.
Khruschev, same as Lenin, was a nazi agent - get the facts:
Ukraine History, Break-up of Russia for dummies - 100% a creation of german illuminazis: LENIN 1922, Khrushchev 1954, fake Putin 2014

Mar 5, 2013

1918, 1945, 2004, NOW: what did/do the illuminati control: FOUR Key dates of Illuminati End Times

1918 and 1945, unlike today, humans in the US and Europe were not yet completely reduced to beasts by the illuminati.
Yet in 1918, exactly like NOW, illuminati controlled ALMOST ALL world governments.
Including the Soviet Union 1918 and Russia now, unlike the Soviet Union in 1945 and Russia in 2004.

World War I: 1918 armistice before Versailles Treaty 1919
1918, 11/11, 11:11 AM: the illuminati stage the "surrender of Germany", putting an end to World War I.
Illuminati had achieved ALL the goals of World War I: slaughter of dozens of millions as cannon fodder, destruction of the Austrian-Hungary empire and control of the Russian empire.
The goal of the Versailles theater act: "humiliate Germany" to set the stage to brainwash germans into accepting the nazi Messiah, Hitler.
No wonder that the Versailles Treaty was designed to pave the way for the rise of Hitler: EVERYONE at the Versailles table were illuminati agents.
In other words: 15 years before the proclamation of the III Reich the illuminati already controlled almost all the governments of the world.
But as previously implied and unlike now, they didn't yet totally control the minds of the population, Germans included.
Without Versailles it would have not be possible for the nazi ideology to reach the critical mass required for the proclamation of the III Reich.

Berlin 1945, the end of the III Reich
1945, May 8: the day the III Reich surrenders to the Red Army, there's a MAJOR difference to Versailles.
No, not the human condition of the population in Europe and the United States: people were not yet totally reduced to beasts.
The major difference is that there's one non-illuminati at the table, the Soviet Union.
Reminder: after the death of illuminati agent "Lenin", Stalin defeated agent Trotsky and the illuminati lost control of the Soviet Union.

2004: illuminati's greatest military victory ever: 
2004, November, Rome, the Anschluss of 25 nations, all in one day: 25 governors of EU states, still acting as "presidents" and "prime-ministers", sign the EU constitution.
All this without having to fire a shot (except to murder political resisters), what had previously happened only once in History: Austria, 1938.
The same day the European Union replaces the United States in several tables ranking the states of the IV Reich, including:
- third place for the most populated states, with China and India keeping the two first ranks.
- first place for the largest Gross Domestic Product, GDP.
2004, there's a MAJOR difference to 1945.
No, not who controls Russia. Reminder: the illuminati regained control of Russia after Stalin's death, but they lost again control on December 31, 1999, as Vladimir Putin became president.
The major difference is the condition of the population in Europe and the United States: already totally reduced to beasts, after almost all accepted the Mark of the Beast.

ONE major difference, nearly ten years later: illuminati regained control of Russia.
Reminder: Vladimir Putin murdered 2010 and replaced by imposter, exposed by Last Prophet and echoed by nobody, as expected from a world populated by beasts.
Having TWO popes for the first time ever with "Francis" detonating first is part of these two parallel scripts:
1. - fake suicide bomber Obama stripped (also jailed and sentenced to "death" by SCOTUS);
2. - Hillary Clinton empowered as 44th and first woman president of the United States, 9 years after Angela Merkel became the first woman ever chanceller of Germany. 
Very last because Hillary Clinton's ultimate mission is the break-up of the USA in 11 states.

German illuminati using fake identities AND/OR fake ethnicity, in KEY roles at four KEY dates of Illuminati End Times: 1918, 1945, 2004, NOW
Fake identities, fake ethnicity:
- Vladimir Lenin, Harry S Truman, Hillary Clinton: all ethnic germans.
Fake identities:
- Angela Merkel.

1917 October Revolution in Russia before Versailles 1919 - "Lenin"
The mission of german illuminati agent using the identity "Vladimir Lenin":
1. Replace non-illuminati czar of Russia Nicholas II by "bolshevik Lenin", accomplished one year earlier, 1917.
2. Slaughter of millions of christians and unborn babies. This was formally sealed by the proclamation of the:
- first atheist state in the world.
- first state to legalize abortion.
- first state to legalize homosexuality.
Note that Stalin changed it back to Tsarist standards (1). 
3. All this part of setting the stage for the break-up of the Soviet Union and its integration in the future III Reich, scripted to take place before 1940.

1945, May 7 Berlin - "Harry Truman" alias Robert Ritter von Greim
Thanks to total control of the US and UK governments, the illuminati had no problem 25 days earlier to empower Hitler's last airforce commander, Robert von Greim, as 33th president of the United States.
Fake identity Harry S Truman formally stands for the transition from the III to the IV Reich.

2004, November - Angela "Merkel" alias Angela Hitler
One year after the European Union becomes the #1 state in the GDP table (2), one of Hitler's daughters becomes first woman ever chanceller of Germany.
Merkel is perceived by everyone as the EU leader, not the dummy EU parliament or the non-elected EU government.
To stress this the illuminati have a "untermensch" as one of two formal leaders, the portuguese José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission (2).

NOW, 2014 - Hitlery Clinton alias Hillary Hitler
One of the key acts: empower Angela Hitler's half sister, Hillary Hitlery Clinton, Hitler's oldest daughter, as the 44th president of the United States.

(1) Stalin changed abortion and homosexuality laws back to Tsarist standards:

(2) European Union

Fake identities "american Harry S Truman" or "jewish Rothschild" bloodline and the origins of the Illuminati

1867: Marxism the weapon to finally start the break-up of Russia and take control of the Vatican

Versailles 11/11 11:11, 1918: Illuminati officiallly interrupt global slaughter first time

Ukraine History, Break-up of Russia for dummies - 100% a creation of german illuminazis: LENIN 1922, Khrushchev 1954, fake Putin 2014

Why Stalin HAD to celebrate Lenin: contrast it with Castro / Che Guevara

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