First Days of End Times were July 1914 to April 1915 - Help to understand the Last Days

May 5, 2007

First Days of End Times were July 1914 to April 1915 - Help to understand the Last Days

To know why July 1914 to April 1915 were the first days of End Times... helps understand the last days.

July 1914 - dancing on top of the volcano, staged harmony before the Austrian (German) ultimatum to Serbia, the illuminati move to begin the First World War.
The Ottoman Empire prepares the genocide of the Armenians, the first christian nation in History.

November 1914 - the genocidal illuminati-muslim alliance enters the scene, as the Ottoman Empire enters the war, attacking Russian naval bases and shipping in the Black Sea. Nearly 90% of the Ottoman IIIrd Army is destroyed by Russian forces in the Battle of Sarikamis.

Christmas 1914 - the miracle of the Christmas Truce, the soldiers refusal to continue to follow the illuminati script, as the horrors of World War became clear. End of the Christams Truce by successful implementation of German and French illuminati orders for mass executions of soldiers who refused to continue to take part in the illuminati slaughter.

April 1915 - the illuminati use for the first time weapons of mass destruction, at the Second Battle of Ypres: within seconds of inhaling the vapour of chlorine the victim's respiratory organs were destroyed. The genocide of the Armenians begins.

First genocide of End Times was carried out not only in broad daylight but actually the only one also in the spotlight.

The LAST Days before the First World War - Feb 7, 1999, one of the prophetic pages by Historian Guido Knopp and Matt Marriott - archived 2000 by

They were also the FIRST days of the  History of the Final Descent into Hell

Added Christmas 2008: another type of lights just  went out again. This time not over the trenches but over Detroit. But again to be never ...


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