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Dec 23, 2008

End Time Christmas from 1914 trenches to Detroit 2008: lights went out to be never ..

Christmas 2008 - why the lights went out in Detroit "to be never ..." was explained first by the same Prophet who has just explained three weeks ago that the illuminati launched Financial Armageddon, the very last tactic weapon left before nuclear Armageddon. (2)
Reminder: the KEY End Times Christmas were explained first and so far only by Prophets Matt Marriott and Guido Knopp.(3)
Beginning with the very first Christmas in End Times. For FULL STORY, begin right after the second line of this article...
... a line which "coincidentally" is a google link to ... "the lights went out to be never ..."  (4)

(1) December 23, 2008 - General Motors Corp.  ( GM) and  Toyota Motor Corp.  (TM) all announced plans to drastically cut or idle production for the next month. Chrysler alone shut all 30 of its U.S. manufacturing facilities on  Dec. 19 and won't re-open them until  Jan. 19 .
These last-minute plant idling announcements hit suppliers the hardest since most companies gear their output based on guidance provided by the auto makers weeks to months in advance. Analysts are expecting more companies, especially the smaller, privately held companies, to seek bankruptcy or just liquidate. 

(2) After reading the few lines explaining what Financial Armageddon is, it will be clear that battle will have been long decided BEFORE NEXT CHRISTMAS.

(3) Who were the End Times Prophets? Only four...

(4) A poster in another site replies: "such a depressing post".
Prophet replies: "There is nothing depressing about Armageddon, after which EVIL will be wiped off the Earth.
The only "depressing" thing are the sheep who ACCEPTED the Mark of the Beast. Or in other words: who ACCEPTED to be slaughtered.

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