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Jul 9, 2007

We know now who the End Times Prophets were. There were only 3 (+1): the children of Fatima, George Orwell, Matt Marriott (and Guido Knopp)

We know now who the End Times Prophets were. There were only THREE: the children of Fatima, George Orwell and Matt Marriott
We know Vladimir Putin is the Great King ressuscitated by God to lead God's angelic warriors in the final battle of Armageddon, now coming to an end.

But who were the Prophets of the Last Days of Evil?
We can now answer the question, since it is June 2007 and EVERY word was spoken. The puzzle is completed.
IT IS TOO LATE for any new Prophets. The List is FINISHED.

The End Times Prophets were:
- the three children of Fatima. They came 1917, three years after the begin of End Times and months before the first official atheist state in the world, the Soviet Union. The prophets of the first generation of End Times.
- George Orwell, the prophet of the second generation of End Times.
- Last Prophet Matt , the prophet of the third and last generation of End Times.

Update: Putin murdered and replaced with a double

Last Prophet Matt

(3) Historian Guido Knopp is also an End Times Prophet, but he was not named in the original article, due to the fact that he actually has also a part-time job in the illuminati mass media (ZDF, german state TV).

He can now be named, as the illuminati puzzle, with the "election" of Hillary Clinton, the last face for the last anti-christ BushClinton, is about to take place, as illuminati agent Obama is about to leave the stage while asking his crowd to cheer Clinton.
And what do Google and CNN have to do with all this? Answer:


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Our Lady said Russia will be the instrument God uses to punish.